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Meet Our Team


Mark Salinas


Joshua Standefer
Shop Manager



Keith Abbott
Director of Operations

Our Story

Since its founding in the Pacific Northwest in 1996, Allegra drum company has been dedicated to quality and innovation. From our special bearing edges to our one of a kind hardware, every aspect of our drum building is about tone.  The sound of our drums comes from a harmonious relationship between the Hardware and the wood. Every Employee at Allegra is a drummer and our passion for percussion is unrivaled.  This company stands on a foundation of decades of experience in the Industry.  With a new owner and new facility we aim to carry this brand into the future with a focus on our products and the people that play them.

DRUM! Magazine drummies custom drum maker of the year:  2011 and 2016
Seven time Snare Drum Olympics competition winner. History of developing and or Manufacturing products for other companies - including Slingerland, Gretch, Pearl, Dynasty, and ddrum.

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