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What we offer

Getting an Allegra kit built is an unrivaled experience. We use great care making sure you get the drum set of your dreams.  Our handmade drums will give you the sounds you want and last you a lifetime.  Give us a call and get that drumset you will never have to replace.

Allegra-Drums-Master-Craft-Antique-White-Pearl-1 (1).jpg


  • 100% maple shells*

  • 6 ply toms (4 mm)

  • 8 ply bass and snare drums (5.25 mm)

  • Integrated bass drum feet

  • High quality wood hoops available

  • Satin laquer, gloss, and premium wrap finish options 

  • ASN (Allegra Sonic Neutral) lug integrated tom mounting system

  • Exclusive solid aircraft aluminum lugs

  • Lug inserts available

  • Allegra roundover bearing edges

  • Made in the USA


  • 100% maple shells

  • 6 ply (4mm) toms

  • 8 ply bass and snare drums (5.25mm)

  • Semigloss lacquer finish

  • Timeless center lug design

  • Exclusive solid aircraft aluminum lugs

  • Allegra roundover bearing edges

  • Light weight, easy to handle

  • Tension rods protect the drums

  • Made in the USA

Allegra-Drums-Cascadian-Vintage-Maple-2 (1).jpg


Allegra snare drums have been recorded on more albums than you can imagine! The versatility of Allegra snare drums gives artists a wide musical approach to Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, and even Orchestral music. The foundation of this versatility is a combination of intuitive design and time tested drum crafting methods developed over decades in the industry. If you need feather-light sensitivity in your ghost notes and awesome punch and pop in your backbeat, you'll find it with an Allegra snare drum.

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